C’s the Day will be up and running Thursday, March 19!

If you want to get an early preview of this year’s game, you can download the quest booklet now.

C’s The Day is an Augmented Reality Game (or ARG for short), based on the “reality” of the annual 4C’s Conference.

Contrary to the prevalent notion that games encourage cynicism or distancing from reality, the concept of an ARG is that it uses game mechanics to draw players even deeper into a real experience.  This game attempts to do just that by essentially overlaying the “reality” of the venerable Conference on College Composition and Communication with a whole meta-discourse of quests, achievements, ponies, and trading cards.

“Gamifying” the conference goes far beyond simple quests and prizes: instead, C’s the Day draws on the inherently social dimensions of play by encouraging players/conference attendees to take up a more active role in creating their experiences.  We hope that the game will provide a great way for newcomers to experience the range of events that C’s has to offer, give experienced conference-goers a whole new vantage on their time, and encourage both parties to interact in ways they might not otherwise.


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