At the risk of sounding like an NPR fundraising drive, volunteers can donate their time at whatever level makes sense for them. Some tasks are year-round, while others are more discrete and doable at your own pace.

The following is a general timeline for when the various C’s The Day committees go about their work.

  • Game Design generally starts soon after CCCC by analyzing gameplay data, then works from roughly May to October on developing new quests and game features while refining current ones.
  • The Prizes committee gears up in late summer to begin discussing prizes. Crafting the prizes is a labor of love that usually starts in September and goes until all the Sparkleponies are sufficiently sparkly.
  • The Onsite committee gears up much closer to the actual event, usually in January.
  • The Graphic Design committee tends to work on an as-needed basis, whenever we decide to update the website or develop something shiny.