Image Credit: Wowwiki.com

Playing C’s The Day is easy!

You’ll need:

  • A C’s the Day Game Booklet — distributed by the game organizers at our table near the registration desk
  • Some sort of cell phone or digital camera — to record evidence for some quests.

You play the game by completing “quests.” Quests are divided into categories like Networking and Events, and involve doing the kinds of things that folks do at conferences.  “Local” quests encourage you to explore the area, and this year’s Conference Chair Joyce Carter crafted a whole quest list of to encourage you to explore all the new features of this year’s conference, like the Ignite Showcase.

As you complete quests, visit the booth to check-in with a Quest-giver. We’ll stamp your booklet, and hand you a few C’s the Day Trading Cards as prizes.

The more quests you complete, the more points you earn towards winning one of our grand prizes!

Want to look at the quests? Download a PDF of this year’s quest booklet here.