The organizational structure of CTD helps us break the daunting design and production work into a handful of more discrete tasks. This flexibility also makes it easy to volunteer for whatever aspect of design and production you might find appealing. (*wink wink*)

The committees are coordinated by a President, who in a year’s term manages communication with CCCC organizations and sponsors and oversees the rest of the game. To ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge and experience, the President is supported by a Vice President, who rotates into the position at the end of the President’s term.

Most of the hard work, though, is farmed out to one of four permanent Committees:

  1. The Game Design committee spearheads the development of quests and game mechanics that promote the game’s mission of playful and thoughtful engagement.
  2. The Onsite committee coordinates logistical needs for the game, including our social media presence on Twitter (@csthedaygame) and Facebook.
  3. The Prizes committee – creators of the mighty Sparklepony – craft prizes and coordinate with game winners.
  4. The Graphic Design committee is responsible for the CTD website and the design & production of the CTD Trading Cards.

The Executive Committee – consisting of the President, Vice President, past President, Committee chairs, and whoever else wants to show up – meets via Skype most Sundays.

2014-5 Executive Committee:

  • President: Scott Reed
  • Vice President: Mary Karcher
  • Game Design committee chair: Wendi Sierra
  • Prizes committee chair: Mary Karcher
  • Graphic Design committee chair: Emi Bunner