In the spirit of fun and camaraderie, C’s The Day offers a variety of interesting prizes to keep players playing!

The Grand Prize is perhaps the best opportunity that we could think to furnish for a young grad student learning their way through academia: publication.  Through our partnerships with Kairos, Computers & Composition Online, and Enculturation, we offer our Grand Prize winners a guaranteed publication spot in one of those three journals.  (Winners will work with members of the CTD Executive Committee to shape up a text and run it through the editorial process.)


Solo Play

The first place winner earns  the publication Grand Prize.

The top THREE finishers earn one of the Grand Sparklepony prizes.  (These may be available onsite, or will be shipped afterwards.)

Players earn C’s The Day Trading Cards by completing certain numbers of quests.  Completing three quests earns you a couple of cards, but for every three cards beyond that mark, we’ll kick in more and more.  By the time you advance to Professor status, you’ll probably have assembled a whole deck!  (And if you get duplicates, trade ‘em with friends!)

Furthermore, in 2014 we will be running a C’s The Day Raffle, where winners can win books and full decks of trading cards.  Inquire at the booth for more information.


Guild Play

Games are better when you play with friends, so we encourage players to team together in groups of 5 or more to compete as a Guild.  Guild members are eligible for most of the same prizes as solo players.

Best of all: the winning Guild also earns a publication opportunity!  A winning team earns the chance to produce a piece (co-authored by any combination of the winning members) for publication in one of our sponsoring journals.  Each member of the winning Guild also earns a Grand Sparklepony!